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Life can deal some unexpected knocks...
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What is general insurance and what is personal protection?

General Insurance tends to mean non-life insurance cover for damage or loss

Think Car insurance, Buildings & Contents, and Pet Insurance.

Personal Protection is, well, personal. You are what the insurance is based on, not a possession.

What would happen if you suddenly found you didn’t have enough income or savings to cover an event such as short or long-term illness, serious illness, an accident, or even death?

Then there is business insurance, which is designed to protect your business when matters take an unexpected turn.

Personal Protection
It’s the last thing anyone wants to think about, but it could make all the difference.
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Life Insurance

Pays a lump sum in the event of the policy holder dying during the policy term.

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Critical Illness

Pays a Lump sum in the event of the policy holder being diagnosed with a specific illness during the policy term.

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Income Protection

Pays a monthly income in the event of the policy holder being unable to work due to accident or sickness during the policy term.

Panteney Family
Family Income Benefit

A type of life insurance, pays a monthly income in the event of the policy holder dying during the policy term.

Private Medical Insurance

It pays for non emergency private medical treatment, tests and surgery if you are ill or injured during the policy's term.

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Whole Of Life

Guarantees that an insurer will pay out a lump sum to your loved ones when you die, no matter when this happens.

Protection Insurance could be cheaper than you might expect...

It's worth looking into, as some cover is better than none at all.

Life insurance policies, for example, can provide you with cover from just a few pounds a month. It’s well worth weighing up the cost against the potential benefits, including peace of mind and financial security for you and your family.

It's not nice to think about what would happen if you found yourself unable to work because of illness or injury. Getting your finances into good shape and boosting your financial readiness is a great way of dispelling some of these worries.

There are various State benefits that may help, but most are limited, don’t start immediately and usually only last for a fixed period of time.

You may have plans in place already, but are they sufficient and how long will they last?  

Unless you would have enough cash and investments on hand to clear any debt and provide for yourself and your family, whatever happens, then a protection plan or insurance policy should be considered.

At Willow Tree Financial Services we can help you check what you already have in place, and should you need to build on your existing plans, help you decide which protection products may be beneficial to you and your family.

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It is not always as simple as looking for the provider with the cheapest premium, the level of cover is paramount.

We want to help you get the right level of cover for your needs and within your budget. After assessing your needs, we will advise and make recommendations for you. We aim to ensure you have the right quality of cover for your needs within your budget.

The first aim of protection is to help you keep your home. The second aim is to maintain you, and your family's standard of living should something terrible happen.

General Insurance
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Building Insurance

Covers the cost to repair damage to or rebuild the structure of your home. This is compulsory if you have a mortgage.

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Contents Insurance

Covers you against loss, theft or damage to your personal and home possessions.

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Landlords Insurance

Building Insurance and/or Contents Insurance for rental properties.

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Living Costs Insurance

Pays a monthly income in the event of the policy holder being unable to work due to accident or sickness during the policy term.

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Tenants Contents

For those living in rented accommodation.

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Tenants Liability

Protection for tenants in the event of accidental damage to their landlord's property, for which they'd be liable for under the terms of their tenancy agreement.

Business Protection
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Executive Income Protection

Protect against the financial impact of an employee’s incapacity on the business.

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Key Person Insurance

Helps cover costs such as reduced profits or to fund replacement staff after the loss of a key person.

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Key Person Income Protection

Pays businesses a monthly benefit if a key employee can't work because of an illness or injury.

Shareholder protection
Shareholder Protection

Helps business owners buy out shares after the loss of a partner or director.

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Business Loan Protection

Helps pay outstanding loans or debts after the loss of a guarantor or key individual.

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Relevant Life Plan

A tax-efficient way to offer a death-in-service benefit to employees.

protect your assets
Running a business can be a hugely rewarding but challenging experience.

Unforeseen events can cause disruption, or even put the stability of a business at risk.

Whilst no one can predict the future, Business Protection is there to help your company continue to thrive in the unfortunate event of a key employee, business owner or director suddenly becoming critically ill or passing away.

Certainty and stability allow a business to flourish, and with Business Protection, you can put provisions in place to ensure your company is not compromised in the event of someone suffering from terminal illness, critical illness or death.

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