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Understanding your needs & requirements to find investments to suit you...
Helping you establish the most suitable way to invest all stages of your financial life. HERE At Willow Tree Financial Services we utilise our risk profiling tool to understand your overall willingness to take risk and we help you understand the potential risk of any investment and the financial impact this may have on you.
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You can save tax-free with Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs).

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Pension Planning

A pension is a way to save money for later in your life. You might need more money than just the State Pension when you retire.

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Investment Accounts

Investing in funds is one of the most popular ways to start investing for beginners.

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Onshore Bonds

UK Investment Bonds are non-income producing investments that can provide valuable tax planning opportunities for individuals.

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Offshore Bonds

Offshore investment bonds are similar to UK investment bonds, but no income or Capital Gains Tax is payable on the underlying investment.

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VCT/EIS Business Relief Scheme

These reliefs were introduced to provide incentives to investors to invest in small unquoted companies.

EIS’s and VCT’s invest in assets that are high risk and can be difficult to sell such as shares in unlisted companies. Suitable for experienced investors and existing clients ONLY.

The value of the investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back what they originally invested, even taking into account the tax benefits.​

Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstance and is subject to change.​​

The value of pensions and investments can fall as well as rise, you may get back less than you invested.

Offshore bonds are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

BPR EIS’s and VCT’s invest in assets that are high risk and can be difficult to sell such as shares in unlisted companies. Suitable for experienced investors and existing clients ONLY.
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Our Willow Tree Investment Philosophy

"Investing in what is most suitable for you. For example, to help you reach a specific goal such as funding your child's education or retiring early."

Our approach to investment advice is based on clearly understanding your financial situation, your goals, and how much risk you are prepared to take with your money. Through our expert, professional guidance, we will make sure that our solutions are right for you and that you have all the information you need to make a clear decision. We can introduce you to worldwide investment opportunities. So wherever you decide to invest, you can be sure your money will be in professional hands.

We will take you through a fact find where we will ask you about your current financial situation, your investment goals, and your objectives.

We will also ask about your feelings concerning your investment. How you feel about risk, and your expectations, are important parts of getting the right investment for you. A key factor when investing is to determine the level of risk you are prepared to take with your investment.  

When it comes to putting in place an action plan that is right for you, we can help you identify:

  • How much to save and for how long
  • How much trade-off to take between investment returns and investment risk
  • Investment solutions that you are comfortable with
  • The most tax-efficient vehicles for your savings.

Of course, doing all of the above is not just a one-off exercise – your circumstances change, the stock markets go up and down, and tax regulation doesn’t stand still. We will help you review all of this regularly, saving you time and helping you identify the right action for you at each stage of your journey. If a strong plan is in place, it might not be necessary to make frequent changes, but nevertheless you will have peace of mind in knowing that an expert is on hand to support you when you need it most.

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Financial business plans
Picking the right investment solutions can be one of the most complicated things for you to do.

Rest assured we will support you throughout this process, ensuring that you only save and invest in a way that you understand and are comfortable with. Everyone is different, but for many, a strong approach can be to use solutions that are well diversified and match your risk tolerance, spreading your investments across different types of asset classes such as equities, bonds and alternative asset classes.

Remember - There are lots of things you need to consider before making any investment decisions, and regardless of the investment path you follow investment returns are never guaranteed. This means that the value of the investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you put in. For most styles of investing the returns will not be guaranteed and can be affected by market conditions.

Investing money to achieve a specific goal is normally considered to be a medium- to long-term strategy, for example planning for retirement. Depending on your circumstances, you can achieve this by investing regularly, usually monthly or annually, or you can make one-off lump-sum investments.

We will consider your tax position to check that you are using any appropriate tax relief and allowance entitlements.

Savings and investment matters can be complicated and time-consuming. It is our philosophy that you should be supported throughout your savings and investment journey, in order to give you an excellent opportunity to achieve your goals and objectives.

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