October 13, 2023

Thinking about separating?

Making the decision to bring a relationship to an end can be a really daunting, overwhelming and upsetting time. Even where there are good reasons for the decision, it can be extremely difficult, worrying and can leave you feeling uncertain about your future.

That’s never the best mindset for making long-term decisions for you and your family.

Laura Sherlock, Family Lawyer, Advocate & Mediator of Emin Read Solicitors explains more about the support and advice you will be needing when it comes to making those decisions for you and your family...

When you’re coming to terms with the end of a relationship (whether it’s on your terms, or a decision by your partner), the first vital step is to get support immediately. This includes;

  • ‍Financial advice;
  • Legal advice;
  • Therapeutic support.

Having professional support and tailored legal advice, along with the support of family and friends where appropriate and available, is essential. It’s natural that we turn online or to the experience of friends or others when we’re faced with a new situation such as a separation, but each situation is often treated on its own individual circumstances, and so using the experience of others can often to lead to misconceptions or confusion further down the line.

Getting early legal advice on your own family’s circumstances will ensure you have a clear understanding of what the likely outcome is, and you get a head start on finding a resolution and a way to move forward as a family.

The most common mistakes made in the early stages of relationship breakdown are;

  1. ‍Online posts about personal, sensitive and upsetting changes in the relationship – there are rarely circumstances where sharing information through social media, or with other third parties, is helpful or beneficial to anyone involved. Our advice is to keep personal issues off social media, it will likely stand you in a better position to reach a quicker resolution, in a calmer and more cost-effective way, and it helps to keep children protected from disputes between family members.
  2. Where there are children of the relationship – don’t share adult information, or involve them in the conflict. This is harmful to children. Discussions between adults should take place in a calm way (and this can be professionally supported) to come up with an agreement as to how big decisions can be shared with the children in a safe, reassuring and calm way.
  3. Focussing on negative feelings of the other party can be much more tempting often in situations where there is hurt following the relationship breakdown. Instead, try to shift your focus to looking ahead for yourself, and (if applicable) the children, this will enable you to look at long-term positive solutions, rather than be distracted by short-term hurt.

Emin Read Solicitors are an established family law team that focusses on looking at the needs of you and your family, and finding a process and solution that fits around you. They offer an initial free telephone consultation for 30 minutes to have a chat about your situation, without an obligation to take any further action. This can just be a helpful check in to give you the information you need to consider your options. They can talk you through likely costs and timescales for any options that might be right for you moving forward. You can get in touch to arrange this by email (family@eminread.co.uk) or by phone (01323 819519).

Emin Read Solicitors have offices in London, Sussex and Twickenham. Find out more at www.eminread.co.uk.

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