March 6, 2024

Inspiring Inclusion: Empowering Women in Financial Decision-Making

As Willow Tree Financial Services is a women-owned business in a financial world that is so heavily male dominated, we want to acknowledge International Women's Day and reflect on the theme of inspiring inclusion.

If you have seen our previous blog posts and our social media content, you might have noticed that we want to educate and empower everyone to feel more confident with their finances.

Investing can seem daunting, for women in particular, and as a result women are investing less than men. We want to break the barriers about societal norms and help women build their confidence when it comes to exploring a new branch in their financial tree…


Increasing confidence when it comes to investing

Education is what can really enhance your confidence. You might have heard the term, ‘knowledge is power’ and this should be your starting point, by researching online or (ideally) speaking to a financial adviser who can educate you based on your personal circumstances.


Work together and be transparent with each other at home

Sharing the effort in managing the finances really helps build a strong foundation for your household finances. A joint and transparent effort with your partner/spouse is likely going to lead to better financial outcomes. We often see women handling the day to day finances, whilst men handle the pensions and investments. This division of finances feeds to assumption that “women don’t invest”. Honesty is always the best policy and you can work together to achieve your short and long term financial goals.


Motherhood shouldn’t be a penalty

You might have seen our recent blog post about how women areworth less than men, so it comes as no surprise that mothers can feel penalised financially.

They’ve taken time away from their careers to bring up children, they’ve reduced their working days in order to do the school runs,their income may have dropped as a result, which also means less pension contributions and savings.

Whilst change for the better is slowly happening, there is more work to be done to foster awareness and inclusion and to find ways to challenge the imbalance that still exists. Encouraging workplace policies to support flexible working and parenting leave can provide an equitable future for mothers. This can then become a good foundation for better financial wellbeing and planning.


Education is empowering  

As we’ve mentioned, financial education is the key to empower and build confidence. Our role is to help bridge the gap, demystify the jargon and provide education and advice wherever you need it.

On our website you can find a number of free resources to download which are a good starting point. If investment is a particular focus of yours, we suggest booking an appointment so that we can ensure you are informed correctly of the options right for you so that you can feel excited about your new investing journey.



International Women's Day is not about women competing with men, but about creating opportunity where everyone can thrive.

And when it comes to your finances, taking risks and making decisions, we are passionate about providing strength, resilience and value to anyone, no matter where they are on their financial journey.

You deserve to be equipped with tools and confidence.

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