Why Choose Willow Tree Financial Services

I've told you why you should use a financial adviser for both mortgages and investments. Now I'm going to tell you why you should use me.

I'm not going to shout loudly about how knowledgeable I am, or how I'm the absolute best adviser you could ever find.

And if it was a case of looking for the information, it's out there for anyone to find - if you are reading this you've obviously got access to the internet!

Instead I'm going to tell you how I can solve your problems.

I listen, I understand, I hold your hand through the process, I never judge, and my sole aim is to take away whatever financial issue is causing you stress.

This might be finding the right mortgage to enable you to secure your dream home, helping you plan for the kind of retirement you want, or even arranging the life insurance so you can sleep at night knowing your loved ones would be protected if the worst should happen.

My way of working may not suit you. If you want someone with a more "transactional" approach there may be another adviser out there who is suited to you. But my clients benefit from the relationship we build.

By knowing you, by understanding your dreams and desires, your values and aspirations, I can devise a financial plan to achieve your goals.

Someone recently said to me you should do the role within your business that is your superpower. Focus on the parts that no-one else in your business can do. The answer came easily to me. Qualifications and regulations aside, it is my relationship with with my clients that is my superpower, and it nourishes me. ❤️

Rachael Panteney

Financial Adviser

Willow Tree Financial Services 01323 436680


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