• Rachael Panteney

When Did You Last Review Your Mortgage?

Is your mortgage deal ending in the next 6 months, or perhaps it has already ended?

One of our most common services is to help our clients look at their remortgage options as their current mortgage deal is coming to an end.

Don’t ever assume that your current mortgage provider will always offer you the best deal to stay with them!

You should always take this opportunity to review your mortgage options and make sure that your new deal suits your personal circumstances, as these may have changed since you took you first took out your mortgage or last remortgaged.

It is best to start looking 6 months before your current one expires. This gives you plenty of opportunity to review your options and avoid you possibly paying a higher rate if you reverted onto the Standard Variable Rate (SVR).

If your current deal is due to finish in the next 6 months (or has already ended) and would like us to explore your options, we would love to help.

We can assist with first time buyers, re-mortgages, home movers, buy to let mortgages, commercial mortgages and equity release (both via referral to a master broker) and more.

For more in depth information, please visit our website willowtree-fs.co.uk or call Rachael on 01323 436680 and book a FREE initial consultation today.

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