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The A-Z of Mortgages - H

Our next letter as part of our Mortgage Glossary is H. You can also find the full A-Z of mortgages on our online blog.

H is for...

Help to Buy – A government scheme to aid purchasers with homes they could not otherwise afford. This could be by an Equity loan or Shared ownership.

The Government has announced a new Help to Buy scheme to run from April 2021 to March 2023. It is restricted to first-time buyers and includes regional property price caps to ensure the scheme reaches people who need it most. There are no changes to the current Help to Buy equity loan scheme which runs to March 2021. As with the current scheme, under the new scheme, the government will lend buyers up to 20% of the cost of a newly built home, and up to 40% in London.

Homebuyer’s Report – A type of survey that is more detailed than the lenders’ Mortgage Valuation. A homebuyer’s report will tell you about any major problems such as rot, damp, subsidence, but the surveyor is non-intrusive so will not look behind furniture, lift floorboards or drill holes. It provides traffic light indications as to the state of the various parts of the property to give you a summary of the possible risks affecting the home & a list of defects that you may wish to address if necessary.

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