• Rachael Panteney

The A-Z of Mortgages - F

Today we're bringing you F from our Mortgage Glossary. There is a lot of jargon surrounding mortgages so we are here to bring clarity for you...

F is for...

Family Help – There are various schemes around that can allow family members to help you with a purchase. This can be by gifting or loaning the deposit, or by even acting as a guarantor for you..

Fixed Rate Mortgage – A short term mortgage deal (usually between 2 and 5 years) that offers a fixed interest rate for the security of regular monthly repayments.

Flexible Mortgage – A mortgage where overpayments and payment holidays are allowable, and in some cases, you can also borrow back or make underpayments if you have previously overpaid. You may also be able to use your savings to offset your mortgage balance and save interest.

Freehold – When you own both the property, and the land it is built on.

Stay tuned for G coming soon, or visit our online blog for the full A-Z glossary here. For more in depth information, please contact us or call Rachael on 01323 436680 and book a FREE initial consultation today.

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