• Rachael Panteney

Sick of Poor Savings Interest Rates?

It was Albert Einstein who said compound interest is “the eighth wonder of the world – he who understands it earns it; he who doesn’t pays it”.

Time, patience and compound interest in an appropriate investment could solve your interest rate woes.

“But, I don’t know anything about investing – I don’t want to lose all my money”

But I do. This is where I come in - to help you understand and advise you, so that you feel secure the right decisions are being made to protect your hard earned cash.

It is important to note, that Investing isn’t suitable for everyone, however if you are unlikely to need your savings for at least the next 5 years then we can discuss if this would work for you.

The best time to invest is always the present. Trying to time the market is a fool’s game. Remember “Time IN the market, NOT timing the market.”

If you want to find out more about how I might be able to help you, then email me or give me a call.

Rachael Panteney

Financial Adviser

Willow Tree Financial Services

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