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Save Money this New Year - Budget Tips...

2021 is only 2.5 weeks away and we want to share a few ideas now for how you can save and be a bit more mindful with your money as we enter a new year...

Here are 5 budget friendly tips for you...

1. Granted, we don't carry much loose change these days but when you do receive small amounts of change from your purchases pop it in a savings jar at home. Or commit to saving a specific coin, such as 50p, £1 or even a £2 coin. It will soon add up! Count it the following New Year's Eve and see how much you've saved!

2. We've spoken about this before, but do consider creating an actual budget document. It will give you more control and understanding of your finances and where you might be able to save and be more efficient with your spending. We have templates to help you do this. Please get in touch for one.

3. January seems to be a popular time for renewing various insurances - car, pet, contents, life, critical illness etc. Do make the effort to shop around because it is highly likely you can get a better deal elsewhere and save money.

4. In January there are a lot of bargains to be had, but only shop around for the things you might need or want. We know people who even shop in January for the following year's Christmas cards! Great idea!.

5. Use the coldest month to have a good clearout and sell items on places such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Not only will you make space at home and declutter, but you will make some money in the process.

What other tips do you have to start the year right with the right money mindset?

Rachael Panteney Financial Adviser Willow Tree Financial Services

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