We offer a mortgage review service that is representative of the whole of the market.

After we have assessed your needs, we will advise and make recommendations for you.

Our recommendations will be made following a comprehensive and fair analysis of the mortgage market.

A lender will make its decision by considering these three areas:

✔️ Whether they will lend to you,

✔️ How much they will lend to you

✔️ That your proposed method of repaying the loan by the end of the term is reasonable.

We save you time by researching the market and only approaching the lenders that suit your needs. This also avoids unnecessary credit checks that can leave an unnecessary record on your credit history.

Our extensive lender panel represents the whole of the market and we work hard to ensure that we add new lenders to that panel when they appear. So, if one lender changes its underwriting criteria, we can quickly approach other lenders who will consider your situation.

As part of Quilter Financial Planning, we have access to market-leading exclusive and semi-exclusive rates for both residential and buy-to-let lending. This is because of Quilter Financial Planning’s size and negotiating power.

If you require more specialist advice in areas such as complex prime, self-build, and overseas lending, we can help you. In areas such as commercial loans, secured loans, bridging finance and asset finance, we have access to a panel of specialist brokers we can refer you to.

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