• Rachael Panteney

Keep your Data Safe Online

Today is Data Privacy Day - a day to remind us all of the importance of staying aware of our actions (especially online) and protecting ourselves as much as possible from fraudsters.

We have come up with a few tips on how you can protect your privacy and data...

Tip 1 - Be wary of email spam

Fraudsters and cybercriminals are becoming more and more savvy, getting us to click links and open attachments. If you receive an email from anyone you don't know, make sure it's genuine before proceeding. You could contact the company directly (search for them in Google) to verify and also check their online credentials and reviews.

Tip 2 - Trust where you shop online

It may sound obvious, but try to online shop from brands and businesses that you trust. If you see an advert promoting an amazing offer, rather than click on it, instead visit the company's website in a new window to ensure it's a genuine promotion. Never save your payment information, always use a secure Wi-Fi connection (i.e. your private home one, not a public Wi-Fi spot) and don't make your passwords easy to hack!

Tip 3 - Back it up

Save your important documents, work and information in an space (i.e. a cloud, USB, print outs kept in a safe etc) in case if your computer or phone gets hacked with a virus you still have access to it all.

Tip 4 - Don't click links in text messages

This type of fraudulent behaviour is sadly on the up. We think we're receiving a promotional offer from a retailer or or business when it could be a hoax. Check it out elsewhere first (thank the universe for Google) and verify before leading in to any temptation.

Tip 5 - Consider using credit cards

Not a usual piece of advice from a financial advisor! However, credit cards tend to have more consumer protections than debit cards so you are more likely to be protected when using a credit card. However, please do not spend more than what you can afford and pay off your credit card balances as you go!

We hope you found this helpful and please do share with your not-so-technically-savvy loved ones too.

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