• Rachael Panteney

Interested in Brexit-proofing your finances?

None of us really know what Brexit will look like for us individually.

Here we have come up with five tips to get you as prepared as possible. I'm sure there will be more support and advice in the future but there is no time like the present to get organised...

1. Allow for room in your monthly budget.

Review your monthly budget, see where you can save or cut back. Income and living costs could change and you will not want to feel any financial pressures if so.

2. Consider fixing your mortgage rates.

We all know the property market and mortgage rates can go up and down like the weather. However, if you are remortgaging or transferring a mortgage product, it is worth considering fixing it if you can, especially while the rates are low.

3. Check the small print in your phone contract.

This is with reference to your EU roaming charges. When you do start travelling to Europe again you won't want any horrible surprises on your bill.

4. Start saving in to an emergency fund.

We have said this before and we are saying it again. One day you might need some form of contingency cash. No matter how much you can spare each month, start saving in to an account for those unexpected emergencies or changes.

5. Make a plan for your pension income.

This is where you need to speak to an advisor like us. There are different options to you regarding your pension and where/how you draw your income when you retire. Don't delay! We want you to have a stress free retirement..

Rachael Panteney Financial Adviser Willow Tree Financial Services