• Rachael Panteney

Financial Tips for Single Parents

Separating from your ex may open a whole new world to the way you manage your household and the finances. It can feel daunting, rest assured we are here to help.

Pandemic proof your financial future

There are ways you can reduce your costs and look forward to brighter future. Below are just a few considerations, however your wellbeing and mindset is important to us, so please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss further and have a financial health check...

Pandemic proof your financial future

Tip 1

Eliminate joint debt

The quicker the better. Try and work with your ex (easier said than done) or your solicitor to ensure that you both can get on with your new lives as quickly as possible.

Pandemic proof your financial future

Tip 2

Create a monthly budget

Your household income may now look different, so it's important to budget for your outgoings and save where you can for those emergency (and treat) funds.

Pandemic proof your financial future

Tip 3

Plan meals

Shop offers and own brands - a few swaps here and there can make a difference. Batching cooking is often cost effective too.

Pandemic proof your financial future

Tip 4

Get creative

Time with your children doesn't have to cost money. Explore free local parks, beaches and woods, make crafts from loo rolls and put on some music and create your own disco!

Pandemic proof your financial future

Tip 5

Plan for the future and set intentions

What do you want your future to look like? Try writing in a journal, create a vision board, consider learning a new skill or study for a career you've always wanted.

Tip 6

Check for any entitlements

You might be able to claim certain benefits and financial support. We can advise you on this.

Tip 7

Have a financial health check

Get in touch with an advisor like us to help you map out your finances in a way that allows you to prioritise your overall wellbeing, your happiness, your children and your future.

Pandemic proof your financial future

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