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5 Tips for choosing a Conveyancer...

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Whether buying or selling, choosing the right conveyancing solicitor will make all the difference. Picking a bad one often leads to headaches, hassle and having to chase them up continually.

Conveyancing is legal-speak for transferring the ownership of property.

A conveyancer, also known as a property solicitor, does the following for you:

They will handle the contracts. Be on hand to give legal advice. Carry out local council searches. Deal with the Land Registry. Transfer the funds to pay for your property.

They have a significant and vital part to play when it comes to progressing your sale or purchase through to a successful end.

Here are 5 things to look out for when choosing a conveyancer.

1) Look for recommendations. Ask your family and friends who they have used and if they recommend them. Make sure that was recently, not 10 years ago!

2) Communication is key. Some solicitors are notoriously tricky to get hold of and can take days to respond to your questions. Before instructing any solicitor, ask if they have a system in place where you can view/check on the progress of your sale or purchase? And what is the minimum timeframe within which they promise to get back to you?

3) Do they use online systems?

4) It’s not unreasonable for a solicitor to go on holiday, or be absent, however the last thing you want is to be nearing the exchange of contracts to seal the transaction and then discover your solicitor is away and no one else has been left to work on your file.

5) Do your research. Make sure your chosen property specialist is a member of the Law Society of England and Wales/Law Society of Scotland and a member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. Conveyancers must be members of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

There are plenty of great solicitors and conveyancers out there, you just need to do your homework to find them.

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